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Inspection of Electrical Safety and Components of Your Home

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Inspection of Electrical Safety and Components of Your Home

Normally, the electrical system of your house is something that you don’t have to think too much about. Power is available as per where and when you need it, no one sticks foreign objects into any outlets, and your power bills are nominal.

At Professional electrical and controls, we provide a thorough home electrical safety inspection. We closely follow all items and current electrical codes as specified by various code of Canada. These codes are generally in place to promote proper electrical system operation and prevention of electrical fires and the tragic accidents and / or loss of life. We will go through the electrical wiring, electrical devices, and all electrical systems in your home or business to ensure that your electrical wiring is up to these standards. If we find something that is currently not up to this standard, it’s possible that we can offer you a price to correct the situation while on site in your home.

Electrical safety problems in your home are not always obvious because current runs behind the walls. Not in sight, not in mind applies here. As there are no visible signs to suspect, until you try to notice very frequently, conducting professional electrical inspection is very important.

Give our professional electrician a call. Have peace of mind with electrical inspection safety report.

Are you buying an old house?

Electrical component safety inspection of the house before you finalize the deal is very important to give you all the information about, if any, electrical defects or safety hazards exist in your potential new property.

Key areas of inspection and issues are things like outdated or unsafe electrical service panels, missing GFCI protection, aluminum wiring, and grounding problems. Although a home inspector does a very thorough generalized inspection, there is the potential for electrical problem areas to be missed. The peace of mind you will have knowing that a licensed electrician – a professional in the electrical profession– inspected your home, is well worth the money. Professional electrical and Controls in Edmonton can bring you that peace of mind at an affordable rate.

It is better to hire an experienced licensed electrician to conduct more thorough electrical inspection.

More reasons for Inspection of Electrical Safety and Components of Your Home

There are many reasons for getting an electrical inspection. Old wiring cannot withstand modern-day living needs, so electrical inspection services aid you in your decision to buy an older home. Besides, when purchasing a resale home, you should always have a comprehensive electrical inspection. Owners renovate, add equipment that is often unlicensed and not up to the current standards.

What do we find when we inspect the houses?

Our electrician find all sorts of issues when they inspect the electrical wiring and safety of a house. Bad and loose connections, overloaded sub-circuits when everything is put to “ON”, missing GFIC’s, underrated service panels, improper ground terminations, tripped breakers, wrong installation of receptacles, carbon deposits, uncovered service panels, white receptacles turning brown (smoldering in the wall), missing or dead batteries in smoke alarms and more!

Any and all of these electrical defects are potential safety hazards.

Call us at: 780-476-1413 or contact us today to get your home’s electrical inspection done and make your family safe.

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