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Installing new plugs and switches

Installing new plugs and switches in Edmonton

Need plugs or switches installed?

We help to install new plugs and switches in Edmonton and all surrounding cities. Although it is not a complicated task but it needs specific electrical knowledge and experience to do the job right. Some of the important pints to consider are!

Electrical Safety of the House While Installing New Electrical Hardware

For your, house and family safety, electrical products must be installed in accordance with local Building Regulations. For example, we should never install a three-slot receptacle without a ground. When you have a doubt or where required by the law, call a competent person who’s certified with an electrical certification program. Another example is when an outlet doesn’t hold a plug tight enough, it can be dangerous to use it! Professional Electrical electricians are certified and experienced.

Consider the Drywall is Installed

When drywall or paneling is installed, some mistakes can create big gaps around electrical boxes. For examples, some municipalities Electrical codes don’t allow gaps wider than 1/8 inches around boxes. You will need to chalk them before putting plates on There are always some switches and plates for such situations. They are specially made to cover such mistakes and available at specific stores. Our electrician is trained to look for such issues before hand so that you are not wasting your time and money!

Aesthetics of the House

Consider aesthetics of your house closely before selecting the switches and sockets. For example you may like to look for the right color, texture, size, flushed-in etc. You may like to add smart switches or smart lighting or both for your needs! Some smart switches further need specific wiring where neutral must be present as well! Our Professional Electrician will ensure that your plan and needs and properly matching. Some smart switches don’t work with three-way lighting setups where one light is controlled by two different switches in your home. Take a look at what you have in your house, note requirements and contact us to provide you our licensed, professional electrician to install.

Consider Functionality of the System

At certain points, you may need to have three way switches, special connections for wiring etc. Water prone zones will need GFCI switches and other regulations to be followed.  One more aspect is to check if you need 110 or 220V supply in any specific application and function. Another simple thing to consider as functionality is that if you are using a dimmer switch, all LED bulbs may not work with that switch. You will need the special bulbs that work with dimmer switches.

Are there enough Junction Boxes

This is a good question and must be planned in the beginning. many electrical variations and requirements can cause the use and requirement of the junctions boxes. A junction box is usually inside the drywall and it is best to get them during the initial planning and implementation phase before drywall installation. If we area working on your project, our electrician will ensure that the such things are taken care at right time.

Appliance Switches

As we all know appliances belong to their specific receptacles. We need to have appliances specific switches and circuits. When professional electrician from professional electrical is working on your project, all the appliance planning will be done in advance.

Professional Electrical and Controls can take your calls 24/7/365! Give us a call to get your estimate or get your estimate online.