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Light Fixture Installation: The Complete Guide to Replacing and Installing

Light Fixture Installatio in Edmonton

Installing Light Fixtures is a crucial skill for any professional electrician. Light fixtures are installed in many places, from the ceiling of your living room to the top of a staircase railing. Many different types of light fixtures can be used at home or in commercial buildings. These include recessed lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights. Light fixtures typically connect directly to an electrical grid but there are also some that use batteries, solar power, or gas as their source of electricity!

Complete guide about light fixture installation

Light Fixture Installation

The light fixture is usually done by professionals because light fixture installation is not as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Light fixtures require electrical wiring and safety measures that only electricians are trained to install and maintain.

Light fixture installations are very common jobs for any professional electrician, so this guide will tell you how they’re installed, maintained, repaired, and upgraded.

When you’re considering a light fixture installation, there are some things to think about before getting started with the work. Light fixtures can be installed in many different locations within your home or commercial building: on ceilings, along walls, above doorways or staircases, etcetera.

To make it easier for you to install the light is a good idea to take a picture of the old light’s wiring or even a video, especially when there is more than a three-conductor wire inside the box.

When installing a light fixture, the black/red wire is hot and the white wire is neutral and the bare is ground. Before doing anything turn off power & double-check the circuit with a non-contact voltage tester to ensure there is no power in the light.

Always turn off power for the light you want to install or remove from the circuit breaker panel and if your electrical panel is not labeled or you are not sure which circuit is for the light you are replacing turn off the main breaker which will turn off electricity to your entire house.

Tools needed for light installation:

  • Light fixture
  • Electrical tape or wire caps
  • Light bulb & light socket (usually included with the light)
  • Screwdriver
  • Wirecutter
  • ladder
  • Safety glasses
  • Rubber boots

Your number one priority is being careful and cautious during working with electrical. Follow the electrical code and building code requirements.

How to replace light fixture

If you need to replace your old light fixture, remove it and take a picture or video of the wiring before doing anything else. Light fixtures are screwed into place with screws on the underside.

Remove the screws from the bottom of the light fixture being careful not to drop them down through an opening in flooring if there is one. Disconnect the wires from the old fixture. Light fixtures are connected with two or more large screws, so unscrew them and remove the light fixture.

Connect new wiring to your desired location for installation of new light. Consult a licensed electrician if you’re unsure about electrical codes in your area.

How to Install a Light Fixture

First of all, read the instruction manual of the light fixture manufacturer. Read whole detail about how to assemble and install the light fixture. Turn off the power by switching off the service panel. Use a voltage meter to verify power is turned off. Make sure to well fasten and properly support the lightbox. Install the mounting bracket for the new light installation.

Connect the neutral wire to neutral wire and live wire to live wire. You can easily identify by the color code of the wire. Mount the light fixture to the mounting bracket.

Screw the light bulb into the light fixture and install the light’s canopy. Turn the power on at the service panel and then turn the light switch on.

Safety Tips on How to Install a Light Fixture

  • Make sure to verify the power is turned off before start installing a light fixture.
  • Shutting off power from the switch doesn’t mean there is no power in the light and always turns off the power from the breaker box.
  • Hotwire (black) carries current and white wire is neutral and bare/green wire is ground. Please confirm with an experienced person.
  • Most lights have metal parts that are exposed. This makes them unsafe in the electrical code and they will not be safe if you do not ground them. To make it safe, connect the green screw on the mounting bracket to the ground.
  • Ensure the light fixture is grounded properly. There are three conductors (black, white, bare) inside the box.
  • Ensure that you follow the polarity and connect the wires with the same polarity (hot-to-hot, neutral-to-neutral, and ground-to-ground) wires
  • Ensure that the lightbox is secure and supports the weight of the fixture.
  • Ensure you install light bulbs with the same wattage that light is rated or lower wattage.

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