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A light switch wired wrong? It is dangerous!


Do not try to wiring by yourself without proper knowledge of the wiring. This may lead to hazardous situations. If you connect the wrong wire in the wrong place then the circuit of the wire will be short and lots of current passes through the wires. This will lead to overheating of the wires/ instruments and you may get shocked by them.

A light switch wrong wrong wiring is dangerous.

There are three situations if your switch wiring is wrong.

  1. Short Circuit
  2. The connection is not properly covered with the insulator
  3. Switch not working

Short Circuit

A short circuit means there is a low resistance connection between two conductors that are supplying electrical power to a circuit. This would generate a high flow current and generate excessive amounts of heat and will result in melting wire.

Dangers of Short Circuits

  1. Short circuits are abnormal electric connections that allow additional electricity to run through devices, wires, appliances, and outlets. The additional heat generated during the short circuit can lead to fires in the affected wires. Once it comes into contact with flammable particles it becomes more dangerous.
  2. Bare or broken wires or cords can also be a reason for a short circuit. So, if you find any of them remove them immediately.
  3. Short circuits can cause circuit damage, fires, explosions, etc. if comes in contact with flammable materials.
  4. A short circuit is thousands of times more powerful than a normal operating current so it can hurt and damage badly.
  5. Even a trained electrician gets injuries and even fatality if he/ she isn’t careful.
  6. In extreme cases, short circuits burn down the houses and sometimes entire buildings.

The connection is not properly covered with the insulator

If during the light switch wire connection, open area of the wire must be covered with the insulated material. Insulated material will help wire to long last by providing isolation environment from the weather effect. It also save from the short circuit and minimize the possibility of getting shocked from live wire.

Switch not working

During switch wiring one should take care that they should remove wire’s insulation layer connect it properly on the right sockets, otherwise switch will not work.

The correct way to connect switch wiring

If a light switch is wired up wrong, then it is dangerous. If you connect phase and neutral to the switch terminal it will result in a short circuit. One should practice connecting phase wire to the one terminal of the light. And phase another terminal to the switch and off the wire to the other terminal of the switch to the light another terminal.

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