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Prepare your home for Edmonton winter. Complete home heating guide.

Complete home heating system guide for Edmonton's harsh winter.

The winter season is upon us. While the northern parts of the equator prepare for the upcoming cold weather, cities, and countries higher up are already experiencing cold winters. As you prepare for a colder season, there are certain things that are essential to ensure your home stays warm and toasty. Though not all of them may be applicable to every single person, mainly depending upon the type of dwelling, all of them would be useful to someone or another.

Prepare your home and heating system for Edmonton Winter

If you live in regions like Edmonton, which are known for being extremely cold, the chances of experiencing some damage to your home during the winter season would be higher.

Bursting pipes, flooding homes, and appliances not working are just some of the many issues commonly faced by people in this region. So while you prepare for the hot chocolates to be enjoyed while snoodled up in a fuzzy blanket in front of a fireplace, here are some home heating essentials that you would want to implement and install to avoid any mishaps.

Before we get into the nitty gritty and understand the different home heating systems available on the market and which one would be suitable for whom, let’s understand the basic necessities.

To get your home to stay cozy, there are three main components that are needed:

  • A source to let the warm air in.
  • A system that enables the distribution of this warm air.
  • A thermostat or a system that would allow you to regulate the temperature.

Now that you know the basics required, you can start looking for various options. It is essential to understand each of these to ensure that you select the right choice for your space. Depending upon your needs, the area which needs to be heated, the area available for setup, and the affordability of the setup, you can choose which type of home heating system would be fitting to bear Edmonton winters. Here are the options from which you can select the ideal method:

Space heaters

Space heaters are ideal for small spaces. If you live in a tiny apartment or want one for your office cubicle, these are the best choice. They are relatively cheaper and barely take up any space. Space heaters are basically a tall-ish unit that throws temperature-regulated air to heat up a small space. They have a regulator panel with which you can control how hot the air comes out. Furthermore, they consume less electricity and can be turned on or off as per your needs.


Boilers are large setup heating systems ideal for bigger spaces like condos, apartment complexes, hotels, etc. You must have heard of a “boiler room” many times. A boiler system basically heats up a liquid, the gasses from which are disbursed through radiator pipes to heat up homes and rooms. It is among the most common forms of heating systems.


The most common method of heating up homes in Northern America and Canada are furnaces. Furnaces can either be electric or gas-powered. They are incredibly efficient, and most buildings have them built in during the initial structuring process. New homes get a space for furnaces built during the basement building procedure. These are highly efficient and reliable. A thermostat that can be placed at different points, including within your home, allows the users to regulate the temperature of the air being circulated quickly.

Gas-powered furnaces function by lighting an ignitor on the inside of a combustor. The conditioned air is then drawn into the system through a reverse pipe and heated by a blower motor before being used to warm the house. The heated air is subsequently dispersed throughout the home’s pipe network by the furnace.

Though there is not much of a difference between gas-powered furnaces and electric furnaces, it must be noted that electric furnaces utilize electrically heated coils inside the heat exchanger as opposed to an ignitor and combustor to generate heat.


Though old, fireplaces are still used by many as a source of heating the air and keeping their homes warm. However, this method is relatively inefficient and expensive. Additionally, homes that do not already have a fireplace would have to go through a very expensive installation process. You would have to hire people to break down the walls and create a fireplace, get the required materials for the fire, and know how to correctly build a fire that is just right to heat the house or room without posing a hazard.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are another way in which your home can be heated during the winter. These electrical systems function similarly to a refrigerator or air conditioners. The heated air from the external coil is collected and transported to an interior coil via the refrigerant flowing between the heat exchange units, transferring the heat into the house.

While selecting the right heating system is essential, it is equally essential to get it installed properly. To ensure that your heating system is installed correctly, you must take professional help. We have a team of expert heating systems installers that can help you out with that.

Furthermore, those that need clarification about the best system to choose can also consult us to find out which is the ideal choice. With years of experience and expertise, professional electrical and control ltd. not only get the job done but also make your life simple. We know the most efficient way to install, which incurs minimal time and effort (and, in some cases, damage, and repairs).

We also know the best way in which these systems can most efficiently be utilized and can guide you on proper maintenance requirements. Our experts can also help in the annual upkeep or assessment of the heating system, so you are prepared well every year. Edmonton winters can be extremely harsh, and a properly installed, fully functioning heating system is a lifesaver. So as you prepare for winter this year, check out if you need an upgrade to make the otherwise harsh weather a little more bearable. Call us at +1 780-476-1413 to book an appointment.

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