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Prepare Your Home For Severe Weather

Prepare Your Home For Severe Weather

Storms can strike swiftly and suddenly, regardless of where you reside. So you might be wondering, “How do I prepare for severe weather?” While it may be difficult to know precisely what to do when severe weather strikes, there are certain precautions that you may take in advance to ensure that you, your family, and your house are ready to handle potentially hazardous weather.

When it comes to storm preparation, being over-prepared rather than underprepared is advantageous. We’ve compiled a list of recommendations to assist you in keeping everyone safe as severe weather approaches!

Professional Electrical will get you up to speed on the latest weather-related developments so you can stay ahead of the storm. Make an appointment with Professional Electrical immediately.

Learn About Severe Weather Near You

  1. Familiarize yourself and your family with the most prevalent severe weather situations in your region. Is your area susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or other violent storms? Then consider these questions to ensure you’re doing all possible preparations:
  2. Do you live in a high-elevation home that is more prone to flooding?
  3. What safety procedures do you already have in place near your business and how are warnings sent?
  4. What are the escape routes and where should you go to seek protection in the area?
  5. Do you have a backup device for checking weather forecasts?

These questions should be addressed before a storm so that you can better understand which safety precautions to take, where to seek refuge, and how to assist your family in preparing for severe weather. Ultimately, the sort of storm you’re going to face will determine which strategy you utilize, but it’s advisable to go through all of these phases while learning how to prepare for severe weather situations.

5 Severe Weather Tips

  1. Whatever the weather has in store for you, following these five suggestions can help you prepare for future storms and other calamities:
  2. Make a Plan B. Make a list of your emergency supplies and have the necessary documents on hand in case there is a power outage. If you’re already involved in a disaster scenario, don’t add to your stress by worrying about a power outage. Allow Mr. Electric to handle it. When all electricity is restored, what’s worse than losing everything? A whole-house surge protector may prevent your electronics and appliances from being damaged during the restoration process if all electricity goes out suddenly or unexpectedly (power surge).
  3. Create and Practise Safety Plans with Your Family. Assigning roles to each family member and describing what to anticipate during a storm will help everyone remain calm and organized. Take some time with your family to talk about severe weather in your region, develop a safety plan, and conduct practice drills. In the event of separation, everyone knows what to do or where to go.
  4. Make a Home Safety Check. Don’t just create a safe haven—make your home as well. Consider the weak areas of your home and what you can do to strengthen them. If high winds are on the way, consider barricading your doors, putting shutters on your windows, or even re-roofing.
  5. Make a Store Up and Create a Kit. It might be tough to recall everything you’ll need in an emergency. Instead of scrambling last-minute for things, keep a fully equipped supply kit of food, water, first aid supplies, medicines, flashlights, batteries, tools, maps, blankets, emergency contacts and a whistle on hand. Also try keeping essential paperwork in a dry and secure location.
  6. How to Recover From Damage If you’ve had some damage, learn how to recover. Damage that seems minor might lead to more serious problems later on. After a severe weather event, having an electrical safety inspection of your property can help ease your mind about any hidden concerns. If the damage is major, take measures to prevent yourself from getting hurt outside or within your home. Assist your neighbours if possible, and always seek advice from a specialist before attempting to repair or operate any storm-damaged electrical equipment.

Count on Professional Electrical to Help Keep You Safe

Weather can be fickle. And for those who aren’t prepared for a severe storm, the consequences may be devastating. Taking the appropriate measures now might help you be better prepared if strong weather occurs. But you don’t have to go it alone! Professional Electrical has the knowledge and experience to assist you to prepare your home so that you and your family are safe. Make an appointment online or call 587-604-6433!

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