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Storms and Electrical Issues: How To Keep Them From Happening

Storms and Electrical Issues

There is nothing worse than a storm that knocks out electricity to your home. You can’t cook, you can’t work on the computer, and you certainly can’t watch TV! Electricity outages can last for hours, even days. You have to start the process of finding a reliable electricity company so you are prepared when it happens again!

Professional Electrical’s electricians will be able to take care of all your electrical needs in your home and business. They will be efficient, as they have their years of experience and knowledge on how electricity works in homes today. Once they see where the problem is coming from, there is a good chance that they will know exactly what needs to be fixed or replaced before putting everything back together again! This way next time another storm hits, you’ll be better prepared than last time. The good news is there are ways to prevent this from happening in the future. In this blog post, we will discuss how storms cause electricity issues in homes and outline steps you could take to avoid them in the future.

During storms, there are several elements that might leave you without power and cause damage to your property’s electrical system. Preparedness for these risks may help you avoid inconvenience and injury from wind, water, or snow damage. You should also keep a reliable electrician on speed dial to handle any electrical concerns that arise during or after a big storm.

Here are the top causes of electricity issues during a storm:

  • lightning strikes
  • fallen tree branches or trees
  • water damage from rain, snow, sleet, and ice accumulation in your home’s electrical system. Make sure to clean up any standing water as soon as possible! This is not only beneficial for preventing electricity outages but it will also save you money on your electricity bills and reducing leaky roofs! You can use this time while electricity isn’t working to fix those leaks so next time there won’t be an issue at all.           

Let’s take a look at more common electrical problems induced by storms so you can avoid them in the future.


The ground becomes extremely wet during heavy rains, making it softer and less sturdy. This can cause trees to fall as a result of the rain, and they frequently bring down electricity lines with them. To limit the impact of storms on your home, invest in a backup power source that may be used to keep essential appliances or processes running if the electricity goes out.


In addition to fallen trees and electricity lines being brought down by high winds during storms, flooding can also cause electrical issues in homes after heavy rain or the melting of snow on power lines. If you live near a low-lying area that is prone to floods or if your home has been previously affected by water damage, it is important that you take these precautions to protect yourself from electricity and electrical problems.


Strong winds can cause electricity lines to break or fall down entirely, as can heavy snow that weighs on power cables located near your home. To avoid any potential issues with electricity during storms in the future, ensure all of these things are properly maintained so they do not become a problem for your Edmonton area property. If there have been recent changes made around your utility box or if an additional meter was recently installed at your residence, be sure to keep track of who has access to this equipment and why. This will help prevent someone from tampering with electricity wires without necessary knowledge.

If lightning strikes near your house or business, the electrical surge can damage all of your electronic equipment linked to your electrical network as well as non-electronic appliances that are connected! It can also cause damage to your electrical system. If you live in a region where storms and lightning occur frequently, you should take steps to safeguard your property against power surges. Installing a lightning arrester may help shield your home or business from harm by diverting electricity away from it and directing it instead to safe ground.


Water may seep into your home or business during a storm with significant rain or snow. If this water comes into contact with your wiring, it might cause your electricity to short circuit. This can lead to the loss of power to just one room or the whole structure, depending on the location of the short circuit. A short circuit can also create a fire risk if the wire is still powered. The greatest way to prevent this issue is to make sure that your house is waterproof; however, even though you do everything possible, leaks may occur. If you detect a short circuit following or during a storm, contact an experienced electrical business to examine the situation and make any necessary repairs.


Call Professional Electrical for professional assistance to repair any damage and assure total safety after a storm damages your house or company in Edmonton. We can also assist you in preparing your property for surges and storms to protect your electrical system. For years, our experienced electricians with fantastic credentials have been assisting Edmonton and surrounding homeowners with their electrical needs, and we would appreciate the opportunity to help you get the appropriate protection for your electrical demands.

The electricity to your property could be out for days after a storm hits. To limit the impact of storms on your home, invest in a backup power source that may be used to keep essential appliances or processes running if the electricity goes out. A generator can provide enough electricity and energy to ensure everything from fridge freezers full of food supplies through entertainment systems remain powered while you wait for city lines with them.

If a storm has passed through Edmonton recently, check exterior walls near fallen trees, bushes or any areas similar to that

For lightning arresters & electrical repair, contact the team at Professional Electrical! Give us a call today at 587-604-6433!

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