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Top 15 Changes in the Canadian Electrical Code 2018

Canadian Electrical Code Changes Main 2018

Top 15 Changes in the Canadian Electrical Code 2018 as compared to Electrical Code of 2015

Canadian Electrical Code is an ever-evolving piece of component for its citizen’s safety and comfort. Following changes are brought into the highlight for the code changes that happened in 2018.

1. Power over Ethernet

2015 Code — No specific requirements

2018 Code — New Subsection 16-300

2. Installation of identified conductor at control locations

2015 Code — Two-wire simple switch loop acceptable

2018 Code — Identified conductor required at every control location

3. Bonding and grounding

2015 Code — 15 pages long and two tables

2018 Code — 8 pages long and one table

4. Arc fault circuit interrupters

2015 Code — AFCI protection required, with some exemptions

2018 Code — exemptions tightened, application to existing circuits clarified

5. Disconnecting means for LED luminaires

2015 Code — disconnecting means required for fluorescent ballasts

2018 Code — disconnecting means required for fluorescent ballasts and LED drivers

6. Tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles

2015 Code — TR receptacles required in dwelling units and child care facilities

2018 Code — TR receptacles required in additional occupancy types

7. Equipment connected to devices having Class 2 outputs

2015 Code — approval requirement based on application

2018 Code — approval based on voltage and application. Voltage is limited by location.

8. Increased GFCI protection for wet areas

2015 Code — No requirement for GFCI protection for heaters or controls in bathrooms

2018 Code — GFCI protection required

9. Continuous loads

2015 Code — complex continuous load requirements

2018 Code — continuous load requirements simplified.

10. The 5% Rule

2015 Code — calculated load permitted to exceed conductor ampacity by 5%

2018 Code — 5% rule eliminated

11. Marking for maximum continuous load

2015 Code — no labelling requirement

2018 Code — maximum continuous load required to be field marked on the equipment

12. Electric shock drowning

2015 Code — 15 and 20 A receptacles require GFCI protection

2018 Code — ground fault protection for feeders, GFCI protection for receptacles

13. Electric vehicle energy management system

2015 Code — EV supply equipment loads added to load calculations at 100% of rating

2018 Code — demand factors recognized where energy management system used.

14. Kitchen wall (not counter) receptacles

2015 Code — separate branch circuit required

2018 Code — separate branch circuit not required

15. Refrigerators

2015 Code — separate circuit required for each receptacle installed for a refrigerator

2018 Code — separate circuit only required for mandated refrigerator receptacle

Full article courtesy: Electrical Industry: https://electricalindustry.ca

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