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Top 5 electrical wiring issues in your house if it is old

Old house electrical issues

Top 5 electrical wiring issues in your house if it is old

If you live in an old house, you might face the following issues in it.

1. Old cables and wires can get brittle

2. Tripped Circuit Breakers

3. Frequent Bulb burnout

4. Flickering lights

5. Excessive Heat/Scorch Marks

1. Old cable can get brittle

Old electrical cable can remain functional for a long time as long as it hasn’t been damaged and the insulation hasn’t become so brittle that it flakes off.

Where knob-and-tube wiring is still functioning, it is living on borrowed time, since the rubberized cloth insulation used on the wires has an expected lifespan of about 25 years before it begins to crack and break down. Fabric wires were used in the first half of the 20th century. If its insulation failed then electrical arc and a fire could result out of it.

As weather in Edmonton varies from +35 C to -35 C throughout the year, it affects the life of the wire. Copper, aluminum wiring expands and shrinks in response to hot and cold temperatures. It also oxidizes and corrodes, causing the joints to loosen up. It causes it to overheat and potentially start a fire. Old wiring creates problems in addition to fire including sparking and hot outlets.

It is advisable to replace wiring if it is older than 25 years.

2. Tripped Circuit Breakers

You will get frequent tripping of circuit breakers. Since power planning of the house was according to your old devices/ instruments / appliances. There are now high power demanding appliances in your house that will overload your power circuits. Contact us to inspect electrical wiring of your home. We will provide tips for preventing circuit overload. We will analyze maximum daily use and try to figure out if your circuit breakers and overall wiring is sufficient as per today’ requirements.

3. Frequent Bulb burnout

Are you facing frequent burnout of bulbs? At first sight it looks like a bulb problem, but actually it is not related to bulb at all. There is some other electrical problem in your house. Here are few of them

• Faulty circuit

• High wattage

• Low circulation

• And lots more

Contact us to save your bulbs from burning out and may be a bigger issue.

4. Flickering lights

A defective device or bulb can cause a light to flicker or dim. But the old wiring problem may be more serious. This old wire may lead to fire. In some old homes there is a combination of different types of wires such as aluminum and copper. Wrong connection between them leads to corrode and flickering problems. Contact us if you are facing flickering lights problems and resolve the issue at earliest.

5. Excessive Heat/ Scorch Marks

All outlets and switches should be cold to the touch. Warm spots or scorch marks are strong indications of an unsafe wiring condition. Contact us immediately since this is an early sign of the hazard.

Here are some common facts which insist you to buy new wiring in your home.

• If your home wiring is more than 30 years old.

• If you want to reduce electricity bills.

• Getting the best from your lights.

• Frequent problem in the joints of wires.

• If you get a bad smell from wires or sockets.

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