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Top 5 reasons to use electrical surge protection in your house

Top 5 reasons to use electrical surge protection in your house

What is an electric surge?

Spikes are fast, short-duration electrical transients in voltage (voltage spikes), current (current spikes), or transferred energy (energy spikes) in an electrical circuit. The voltage spike is known as the surge. It is generally known as a surge, or transient is a subcycle overvoltage with a duration of less than a half-cycle of the normal voltage waveform. A surge can be either positive or negative polarity, can be additive or subtractive from the normal voltage waveform, and is often oscillatory and decaying over time.

In easy language, surges are known as an overvoltage spike or disturbance that can damage, destroy, or degrade electronic equipment in any home or factory. The duration of the surge is in microseconds (one-millionth of a second). 

For example, in a 120 V AC electrical system, a short impulse less than one millisecond greater than 240 V would be a surge. In a 480 V AC system, a short impulse greater than 960 V would be a surge

Sources of the surge

When you switch on or off of any device it will produce a surge but it is negligible compared to the lightning and during power generation grid switching.

  • Switching electrical loads as stated earlier the switch on-off creates a surge. The intensity of a surge depends on the power load of the device.
  • Motors or transformers switching on or off, loose connection, or any other heavy load machines.
  • Magnetic field surge creation: As current flows from the wire it creates magnetic fields and if another wire is live and magnetic fields cut it then a second wire may induce voltage due to the magnetic field created by the first wire.
  • Static Electricity creates surge: Electrostatic discharge can generate electromagnetic fields over a broad range of frequencies up to the GHz. And this noise may lead to the malfunction of the device.
  • The main source of the surge is lightning, however, it’s very infrequent in our region. The lightning contains a very high amount of voltage (approx 300 million voltage). This will generate a surge in the circuits.
  • During power generation, there is a grid switching process in which surge produces. 

What surge protection will do?

A surge protector is an appliance made to protect your devices from voltage spikes. It’s designed to keep unwanted voltages away from your electronic devices. 

Why is surge protection necessary?

  • The devices you plug into your electrical sockets rely on a consistent voltage of electricity. A surge protector defends your electronic devices from voltage inconsistencies by rerouting unsafe energy so that only the normal amount of electricity will pass through your device.
  • whenever the voltage is more than 120 volts surge protector will pass the extra voltage to the ground and save devices from the damage of the high voltage.
  • The electricity supplied must be at a level of quality to facilitate the efficient performance of today’s sensitive electronic equipment. Our dependence on electricity and the prevalence of more and more sensitive electronics make a reliable source of high-quality power essential to modern life. Yet, disruptions can and do occur. In fact, one estimate by utility industry experts suggests that power-related problems cost billions of dollars in a year in the USA.
  • Sudden incidents where equipment is destroyed. External surges are the primary cause.
  • Long-term damage to systems and electronics created by poor power quality. Internally generated surges are the main cause.

Can I use a device without surge protection?

Yes, you can use the device without surge protection, but your electronic device’s life will be shortened due to fluctuation in the voltage fluctuation. When the surge is too high (voltage is very high) there is no guarantee for the survival of the device.

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