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Top 7 areas to use pot lights in your house and why?

Top 7 areas to use pot lights in your house and why

A pot light is a light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When installed it appears to have light shining from a hole in the ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight. “Pot light” or “canister light” implies the hole is circular and the lighting fixture is cylindrical, like a pot or canister.

Types of Pot lights 

Baffle trim: The ridges on baffle trim pot lights are designed to reduce glare from the recessed light bulbs. Recommended places: Living room, foyers

Reflector trim: The polished finish on reflector trim pot lights amplify the light beam. Recommended places: Kitchen and high ceiling rooms

Gimbal trim: Gimbal trim pot lights are designed to pivot and turn to offer directional light. Recommended places: accent walls and on sloped ceilings

Wall wash trim: Just like a gimbal, wall wash pot lights tilt and rotate, but these offer a greater range of motion. Recommended places: Gallery and display walls

Shower trim: Shower trim pot lights, also known as a ceiling mount trim, are wet location rated and resistant to moisture and corrosion. Recommended place: Bathroom

Pot lights come in 3 types of lighting and color.

Soft: Comfortable light with a warm glow

Bright: Refreshing light with a cool glow

Daylight: Equivalent to the natural light

The function of pot light is to illuminate the home. But by choosing the right type of lights and placing them cleverly, it can completely transform a room from ordinary to stunning. 

Lighting fixtures can also alter the mood in the room to make it energetic, romantic or tranquil. It’s all about knowing which type of lighting is ideal for a room, depending on its dimensions, natural lighting and other factors.

    1. Linear illumination with Pot lights
      In a spacious room, linear Pot lights are an excellent solution because they ensure that the entire area is illuminated, without focusing on just a spot. Instead of running it in a straight line along the center of the ceiling, installing it close to the wall behind heavy furniture brightens up the area that is usually plagued by shadows.
    2. Ceiling art with lighting fixtures
      Rooms in which storage gets priority over décor accessories can look quite plain, so an innovative way to add an interesting element to them is to create artistic patterns using false ceilings and ceiling light fixtures.
      Since lighting is an element in the décor, it can enhance the overall style of the room if it is used effectively.
    3. Lighting fixtures for the shower
      Since the bathroom is a wet area, earlier, shower areas did not have lights installed near them to prevent accidents caused by water splashing on the fixture and causing a short circuit. However, in recent times, with Shower trim pot lights becoming popular, one can illuminate the ceiling of the shower stall to keep it always bright.
    4. Mixing the upward lights and downlights
      Most homeowners look at ceiling light fixtures as the only option for illuminating a room. However, for an interesting effect, one can combine up-lights and downlights within the area. Besides bringing a unique touch to the room, up-lights and downlights gently wash the wall on which they shine, creating a magical glow.
    5. Using ceiling light fixtures to add a playful element to an area
      In outdoor areas such as balconies or verandas, or even in a room with a feature wall, the installation of colorful LED withdrawn roof light fixtures help to wash the bulkhead with a dissimilar shade, adding an interesting element in the area. When it creates a spotlight on a textured wall, it also introduces the play of light and shadow to enhance the effect.
    6. Multi-purpose fixtures that bind lighting and ventilation
      In some rooms, particularly small ones, when there is restricted space for Pot light fixtures, chandelier fans that combine brightness and ventilation are an excellent option. They appear in several styles, including classic and modern, to suit the design theme of the room.
    7. Creating highlights by hanging lights from the ceiling
      In dining rooms or bar areas, the lighting needs to be mellow to create a relaxing ambiance. Therefore, hanging lights are the best choice for these areas as they create a spotlight on the surface, keeping the rest of the area in shadow. They can also be used over kitchen counters, especially those that are used for eating meals.

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