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Top Tips for Security System Maintenance

Security System Maintenance Tips

Keeping your home secure is a priority you shouldn’t miss or ignore! It’s more than just installing an alarm system. Security system maintenance is as important to keep everything in the home ship-shape.

The goal is to keep the system running efficiently and smoothly for as long as you can. After all, installing a security system in the home or any space is expensive.

Top 8 Tips for security system maintenance

While you are here, allow us to share the top tips for security system maintenance. Let’s dive right in!

Checking for System Status Updates on a Regular Basis

Most of security alarm systems provide you with a visual clue about checking the system status. It could be a light or a blinking asterisk, or even a text alert on the screen. Some people miss this visual sign or aid and fail to fix the issue.

Some of the status updates also provide an audible notification to let you know that there’s some trouble with your alarm system. Not all of the security systems update you with this kind of alert. It is important for you to check the alarm system on a regular basis. This way you can diagnose the troubles and fix the problem.

Keep the Sensors Clean – No Debris and Dust

Keep the alarm sensors sparkling clean because it helps you ensure that the system is functional. You have to ensure that the motion detector is as clean as possible to lower the chances of getting a false alarm.

False alarms can be irksome, and when the sensor is dusty or dirty, it can cause a false alarm. Moreover, you don’t want insects and spiders to be crawling inside the detectors as it could lead to false alarms again.

If your sensor is in the basement or any dusty area, you have to maintain it properly. Keep it sparkling clean and check the status of these from time to time.

Check the Security Camera Status

Check the security cameras – are they working and recording? Sometimes you miss checking these security cameras and it becomes a major threat to your family’s safety and security. Perhaps it’s not recording properly and the only way to get this checked is to call a professional and see if it reviewed a particular event.

Clean the Cameras to Get Crisp and Clear Images

It’s important to clean the cameras as you may get some smudges or dust. In order to get clear and crisp images, you have to clean the lens on a regular basis.

There is special equipment that helps you clean the cameras efficiently. If not, you can hire a professional to take care of this task. They will do routine maintenance of the security cameras and sensors.

Performing Routine Communication and Sensor Testing

A security system test is a must. When we talk about testing a security system, we are trying to ensure that there is smooth communication between the central station and the alarm. As a homeowner or company owner, you want to be confident that whenever the alarm system senses any kind of trouble, it should alert the people around.

In case the alarm is not sending a signal when activated, nobody will get an alert when you need someone. Test the sensors as well as the communication between the central station and the alarm.

You must also test the wireless door sensor because sometimes it may lose connectivity. For example, if a burglar or any intruder comes into your home, the door may not create an alarm simply because there is no connectivity.

You can call the security system company and ask them to do a test of the alarm. You could also run a quick test yourself by testing all the sensors in the home. Open all the alarm doors and walk in front of the detector to test the alarm. This will help you verify whether the motion detector is working or not.

An Extended Warranty Always Helps

Security systems come with a service warranty which is why you should always extend it. This way you can get the security system maintained and serviced for a long time without any heavy costs.

When purchasing a security system for your home or office, make sure you ask the provider to extend the warranty. It does not cost a fortune, so you should be able to afford it. We believe that this will be beneficial for you and the entire family or the space you wish to safeguard.

Request the Security Company to Perform an Annual Inspection

You can check the security system for any malfunction and keep it clean, but an annual inspection is a must. Make sure you call a qualified technician to help you with an annual inspection. They should come in and check if everything is running smoothly for years to come.

Sometimes the wiring may be loose or the sensors might not be at their best. Repairs and replacements may be required which you may not be aware of. That’s precisely why a technician is required to do all the checks. Expensive repairs are needless and you can avoid these down the road just by getting an annual inspection done. The one who inspects the system will also check if the software needs any updates. This will help in reducing any kind of malfunction or risk.

Safeguarding Yourself and Your Loved Ones

While a security system keeps you safe from all kinds of dangers, you have to be vigilant too. Keep fire extinguishers inside the home on every level, and never share personal details with strangers on the phone. Your kids should also learn to never open the door to any stranger.

It’s important to safeguard yourself and your loved ones at all times. But,  yes, please ensure that the security system is 100% working and there are no security lapses. Keep the security system software updated and cameras and sensors should be clean too. Once you have aced these pointers, your security system will work for a long time.

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