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10 Signs of Common Electrical Problems in Your Home

Damaged electrical plug

10 Signs of Common Electrical Problems in Your Home

We cannot imagine our life without electricity, but on the other hand, electrical problems are dangerous and sometimes even life threatening. An electrical problem or issue can happen anywhere, where the electricity is present. The electrical issues can be small but damage can be big.

Here are 10 topmost electrical problems faced by people in Edmonton.

1. Electrical Surge

Electric surge is a transient wave of current, voltage, or power in an electric circuit.

Electrical surges can happen due to;

• Lightning strikes,

• Damage in the power line,

• Faulty appliances,

• Bad wiring in the home

Electrical surges are microseconds long, but can damage the connected electrical components. If surges happen frequently then it threatens the life of the electrical components and appliances.

If you get surge often then contact us at 780-476-1413, We will check your electrical connections and suggest you to use the right type of surge protection..

2.Fluctuation in Voltage

Some of the devices get faulty during a surge or by age. You will experience the fluctuation in power once you turn the device or appliance on. We will help you to identify such appliances and devices in your home. Contact us.

3. Circuit Breaker keeps tripping

One or more circuit breaker in your house keeps tripping? There is a chance of faulty circuit in your home wiring.

As the name of “Circuit Breaker” states it is used to break the circuit. it triggers and trips when there is a fault in the circuit. It keeps triggering the tripping process to save devices and appliances from big damage.

The emergency solution for this problem is to turn off all the switches and then check one by one. Once you find the problematic switch turn it off and call us for help.

If you are unable to find any fault in switches then take advantage of our emergency service. Call 780-476-1413

4. Electrical Shocks

Usually, in-home electrical shocks are mild. But, It is a nasty experience to have.

Electrical shocks happen when you turn a device on or off. The issue could be with the device/appliance, or it could be in the wiring.

We advise you to call us immediately for help and do not try to solve it by own.

5. Light bulbs burning out often

Are you tired of changing the bulbs often? It seems like the bulbs you’ve been buying are not as good as they were. But in most of the cases there no fault in Bulbs. There is some other electrical problem in your house.

There are lots of reason for this is a high voltage, wrong way of fixing bulb, Air circulation is not proper and so on. What you can do is check if the holder is either loose or it’s depleted. If it does not work then contact us to save bulbs from burning out and potentially stop a bigger issue from happening.

6. Switches not working as per expectation

Did you move to a new house recently and find switches that do nothing. This might be a sign of a fault in outlets, circuits, or wiring. Try to plug in some working device/ bulb to check and if it is working or not. If it is not working then call us at 780-476-1413 for the service.

7. Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring is still commonly found in the houses made from mid 1960’s to mid 1970’s. No need to mention that we all are aware about the dangers of aluminum wiring. If your house has aluminum wiring, there are solutions to make your house safer.

8. High Electricity Bills

There are few things which affect your electricity consumption bill. To reduce the bill;

  • Identify devices which cause a power surge
  • Identify the leakage in the circuits
  • Outdated devices in your home which consumes more power
  • Unplug appliances and chargers when not in use
  • Repairing damaged wiring or circuits
  • Identify the air leaks from inside out of the house in winters.

9. Lightening is too dim or too bright

Notice if your house has some lights that burn brighter and some seem dim?

There are two reasons for this

  • Difference in power wattage of the bulbs. Higher wattage means brighter light
  • There is a problem with your home wiring

Check the wattage of the bulbs. If the bulb has lower wattage and you need more light, then replace it with high wattage bulb. If the bulb has the same wattage or higher wattage as compared to other bulbs and does not give enough light, then call us to fix it. It can be a simple issue, but if it is a wiring issue we will help you figure it out.

10. Uncovered Junction Box

Junction boxes separate one section of wires from another. They protect wire joints from any external forces that can damage wires and joints. The junction box role is important because when a problem occurs in one part of the house it can be easily located through and separated from the junction box.

If your junction box is not covered, it will be harder to locate which set of wires have problems. Moreover, an uncovered junction box is hazardous and can increase the chances of electrocution.

Contact us at 780-476-1413 to prevent all potential problems and damages that an uncovered junction box can cause.

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