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Need to troubleshoot and repair electrical issues in and around Edmonton?. We have helped thousands of customers and solved their electrical issues. Change of light bulb to complex electrical issues, our experienced and certified electricians deliver all electrical solutions in professional and courteous manner.

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Types of Electrical issues you may face in your house

High electricity bill

Let’s start with money. Your electricity bill depends on the power consumption. All the appliances consume normal power during a regular operation cycle. Same appliances surprising can consume more power if there is an electrical issue in the circuit or in the appliance itself! How do you find out? We help you establishment that fact and test if the appliance or the circuit has the electrical issue.

Light bulb life

Traditional incandescent light bulbs usually have 800-to 1000 hrs life. If you are still using one, and it is burning out too often, there might be an issue with the electrical wiring that needs attention. Frequent burning out of tubular lamps also gives the same signals, only worst because fluorescent lamps usually have longer life.

Hot and nonfunctional outlets

You are often finding that power outlets in your house are hotter than usual. You may also see a smoky cover plate and find that the power outlet is nonfunctional. These are signs that there are some electrical wiring or component issues requiring immediate diagnostics.

Someone experienced electrical shock while trying to connect an appliance

This is the worst one. Electricity is invisible and the shock can be devastating. If someone experienced an electrical shock in your house, don’t wait because problem will not go away by itself. It will only get worse. Call us immediately.

Breakers are tripping too often

If a circuit breaker starts tripping too frequently, you should not reset it. Keep in mind that circuit breakers are safety devices designed to trip for the safety of your house. If a circuit breaker trips frequently, it is giving you an electrical system warning and saving your home from a bigger issue. Don’t ignore that warning. Call us and we will help you to find out why the breaker is tripping and fix it for you.

Power outlets, cover plates, switches etc are broken or discolored

This one is quite obvious. Broken parts can have a story to tell, may be not functioning. Stained or discolored cover plates are aesthetics issue and if you plan to work on them, you might as well get the wiring and other electrical issues resolved.

Too many power cord extension in use

If you are using too many power extensions, it may be an indirect threat to the entire electrical wiring of the house. Your power cord may be rated for the right voltage/current but the circuit behind the wall may not be. This can cause indirect fires and issues with insurance as well. We can surely help you fix this issue.

Excessive electrical noise at night

If you hear too much electrical noise (hissing) you should be getting your electrical wiring checked. If you own an old house and if it happens to be from an era when aluminum wiring was used, it is a dangerous sign and you should not be wasting any time waiting.

There are more electrical issues and symptoms that you can experience in your house. it is a safety priority to call a certified and professional electrician and get the issues examined.