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6 perfect basement lighting ideas by professional electrician in Edmonton

6 perfect basement lighting ideas by professional electrician Edmonton

Lighting your basement can be a challenge as the basement is devoid of natural lights from any window or ventilators. However, this is also a plus point as we can customize the lighting.

There are many types of basements, and based on basements type, the lighting should be different. We have asked a professional electrician in Edmonton to provide a few lighting ideas to lit up the basement.

Keep reading this article further; we will discuss some lighting ideas you can apply to your basements to illuminate the room or light specific areas. 

Different kinds of Basement Lighting Types:

Recessed can lighting:

This type of lighting can be utilized if your basement is one of the finished types and it needs a suspended ceiling to work. Recessed lighting can be a better option if your basement has one. The benefits of recessed can lighting are that it provides focused area lighting and can be utilized for lighting an area for seating, dining, or crafting. Especially if you are planning a game-room type of design, recessed lighting can be a better option as the light provides little scope for shadows and glares.

The downside to recessed can lighting is its wiring. The wiring needs to be hideous, so a complete overhaul of the ceiling is necessary. If not, you can always look for wire concealers. The USP of recessed can lighting is its minimalistic and hideous nature which provides scope for the natural colors of your basement to take the central stage.

Pendant lighting fixtures:

A pendant lighting fixture is used in the finished basement, where the point of focus is the pendant light itself. The pendant lighting system throws focus on a specific area which provides a dimension to the room by breaking the evenness of the lighting. Depending on their designs, pendant lights can offer focused task lighting or overall ambiance lighting. Sometimes, pendant lighting can help exude color accents that help your basement tell different stories through illumination.

The downside to pendant lighting is that it provides light to a specific area, which is somewhat expensive. Other downsides include that it can only be used in finished basements, as unfinished basements will not be able to match the vibe of beautiful and classy pendant light. However, the plus point to pendant lighting is the lights are replaceable, so the life span of pendant lighting is comparatively more.

Other ceiling and wall-mounted lighting fixtures:

Pendant lighting system comes under the wall-mounted category. It also works on the same design principles of providing focused lights to a specific area to draw attention. It can be applied for finished basements where the wall-mounted lights make a statement on their own, whereas it can also be used for unfinished basement types. It would help if you had a few things in mind before purchasing wall-mounted light fixtures. First is the requirement of lighting in your basement.

If you want the light to be fixed and provide lighting to a specific point of interest or area of interest all the time, you may go for a ceiling-mounted lighting system where the head of the lighting is fixed. However, it means you cannot customize the lighting direction. If you are looking for a more customizable lighting option, you can go for ceiling or wall-mounted customizable lighting fixtures. It means you can be able to customize the direction of light.

Although the moving parts are hideous in some lights and some lights it is not, you can choose any of it you want, depending on your budget and requirement. If aesthetics is on the top in your mind, you may have to sacrifice the customizability a little bit. On the other hand, the customizable wall-mounted ceiling can be an excellent deal if utility is on the top of your mind.

Track lighting:

Track lighting is a type of multiple light setup to assume a track of lights. These are primarily used in hallways to provide illumination to the way, and these are also used on the vertical walls of staircases to provide illumination. It can also be used as a lighting statement. Track lights are generally used on shelves, and our eyes are keen to observe the unevenness. Track lights utilize this property to provide a track of light and dark repeating itself.

Window lighting illusion:

A new trend is becoming popular nowadays in lighting. It is the elusive window lighting system. A frame of LED lights that assume the shape of a window is mounted to the wall, creating an illusion of light coming from the window. This lighting system is more of an even-tone lighting type, and it does not draw attention to any focal point.

Combine basement lighting:

Combine basement lighting is the most common system adapted by households as per the electricians. As the name suggests, combined basement lighting is a way to combine all the light types for specific purposes. For example, pendant lighting can draw attention to a particular area, whereas adjustable lighting lamps can provide reading light or illuminate the sofa area. The lighting fixtures, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, give ambiance to the site by illuminating with different color accents. This lighting system is called layer lighting, where multiple lighting systems are used to define the area.

One lighting system illuminates the total area and provides an accent to the area. Lighting provides light to a specific location, thus breaking the even tone lighting and other lighting systems like floor lamps used predominantly for utility. 


There are different types of basement areas. Some basements are finished, and some basements are unfinished. The lighting should match the vibe of your basement. If you have a finished basement area, the lighting should be more orderly, and for an unfinished basement type, the lighting should be more chaotic and, at the same time, assumes the order of some pattern. There are walkway basements that should be lit by track lights to provide a pattern of lighting and makes the viewers draw their focus to a specific area.

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