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Why is Professional Electrical & Control Ltd the Best Electrical Contractor in the Edmonton Region?

Best Electrical Contractor

Have you been noticing the flickering of a light a lot lately? Are your electrical appliances malfunctioning? Or, have you been getting unexpected energy bills despite your efforts in reducing your electricity usage? The sooner you call an electrician, the faster you can detect the root cause of the issue, and the cheaper the repair will be.

Professional Electrical & Control Ltd the Best Electrical Contractor in the Edmonton Region

Whatever the problem is, Professional Electrical & Control Ltd can help. It is your one-stop electrical repair, maintenance, and installation company, offering an extensive range of services at reasonable prices. Operating since 1992, the company has served the Edmonton region and the surrounding areas with the best and most affordable electrical services for years. We work with qualified, licensed, and certified electricians who have years of experience in handling all types of electrical work—be it a complex problem or a simple issue.

In this post, we have shared a few reasons why you should hire Professional Electrical & Control Ltd for electrical emergencies and other requirements in Edmonton.

Professional Electricians

The company has hired skilled, trained, and qualified electricians who hold valid licenses as proof of their proficiency in this industry. We understand how working with electricity can pose safety risks for your family. Our team makes sure that the job is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We understand your requirements and send the most proficient and skilled electricians to your place.

As long as you choose our services, you can rest easy knowing that our experts will handle the electrical units of your place with care. Most importantly, we are insured. Should any damage occur to your property during our service, our insurance company will compensate for the damages. Basically, that doesn’t happen because we offer a guarantee for our services. Our electricians are not only qualified but they are trained to work with different types of electrical systems and wirings. From short-circuits to replacement of the outdated HVAC units, we can do it all for you.

Emergency Services

Electrical emergencies are not uncommon. In fact, most homeowners have called an electrician for emergency work at some point in their lives. That’s because people don’t notice the misalignment of wires or incorrect installation of the electrical appliances. These issues often go unnoticed, but they turn into a serious problem later. Sometimes, a short-circuit causes a fire that needs to be addressed immediately.

For such issues, Professional Electrical & Control Ltd is always available. All you have to do is call us, tell us your requirements, and we will send our experts to your place immediately. Our company is open 24/7 and throughout the year, serving the residential and commercial property owners with the best work. Our professionals arrive with the necessary tools to fix the problem instantly. The best part is we don’t charge extra for emergency work. Just give us a call and we will handle the rest for you.

Reasonable Price

You don’t have to worry about paying more than you have to. Professional Electricals charge a reasonable rate. Our prices are fixed and might vary depending on the complexity of the services. One thing you can be assured of is that we never charge any hidden fees. We quote a fixed price and charge you the same once the work is done and you are satisfied. Give us a call to learn more about pricing.

Guaranteed Services

Not every electrician offers you a guarantee for the service. At times, you need to call multiple electricians just to get a small issue fixed. Never work with a company that doesn’t guarantee their work. What if the newly installed electrical appliance works only a couple of days and starts malfunctioning? Or, what if the electrician doesn’t repair the wires and electrical units as required? A guarantee is a must when it comes to electrical work. Even if it is a small repair or replacement, you should see whether the electricians offer a guarantee.

With us, you never have to worry about that. We offer a 7-year warranty for all types of control panel work, as well as, a 1-year warranty for the services. You can have peace of mind knowing that the electrical units will function properly for years. If you face any problem with our services, call us and we will be glad to assist.

Serving Residential and Commercial Properties

From installing safety devices to repairing your home’s electrical system, our experienced electricians can handle all types of electrical requirements effortlessly. Here’s what our residential services cover:

  • Installation of light fixtures, thermostats, hot tub, spa, sauna, circuits, new outlets, wires, and other electrical and safety devices
  • Rewiring of your house and garage
  • Repairing damaged wires
  • Service panel and LED upgrades
  • Electrical troubleshooting and a full house inspection for electrical issues
  • Meter or fan motor replacement
  • Electrical renovations for your kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, garage, and other areas

Not only residential properties but Professional Electrical & Control Ltd serves commercial buildings as well. Just call us and let us know what’s malfunctioning and which kinds of repair or replacement services your office needs and we will be glad to serve.

Seniors Discount:

We are currently offering a seniors discount on all our electrical services. Having served Edmonton and the nearby region for 30 years now, we are proud to be part of this community. Find more details about seniors discount please visit our website. Fill out the form to get a quote. You can call us to know more about our latest discounts and special deals.

Bottom Line

Electrical repairs and replacements are no longer costly. With Professional Electrical & Control Ltd offering same-day electrical services, you will have peace of mind knowing that a professional is available at your disposal anytime you need. If any electrical emergency arises, feel free to call Professional Electrical & Control Ltd in Edmonton at tel: +1 780-476-1413. Get a quote and don’t forget to use a discount. We are happy to serve all residential and commercial properties in Edmonton!

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