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Electrical Troubleshooting In Edmonton and Surrounding Cities

Electrical Troubleshooting In Edmonton

Electrical Troubleshooting In Edmonton and Surrounding Cities

Do you need electrical troubleshooting in Edmonton and/or surrounding cities? Do you need it urgently? Do not wait! Call us at 780-851-5051 to troubleshoot and solve your electrical issue before it becomes a bigger hazard. Yes we will troubleshoot all kinds of electrical issues in residential and commercial buildings.

What are various electricity dependent systems in our houses/commercial property?

If we carefully examine, there are many electrical systems / electricity dependent systems in our house and even more in a commercial building. We are usually not taking note of all the electrical systems in our house or in a commercial building. We only observe and work on a system that is showing obvious signs electrical issues.

Troubleshooting electrical issues in Edmonton and surrounding cities
Electrical Troubleshooting in Edmonton by Professional Electrical and Controls
  • First one is the electrical supply and distribution in the entire residential or commercial building. Is it 110V or 220V? How many sub-distributions circuits in the house? It also involves types of power outlets in the building.
  • Space heating and cooling system
  • Water heating and cooling system
  • Building’s laundry system
  • Building’s appliances and their running times/duration
  • Kitchen appliances in particular
  • Building’s lighting system
  • Security, alarm and monitoring system of the house
  • Any central appliances system that is functional in the house
  • Water sprinklers and fire suppressing systems
  • Holiday lighting systems
  • Emergency lighting system
  • House entertainment systems such as TV’s, sound systems etc.
  • House’s cable and internet wiring
  • Electrical system of in-house spas
  • Types of floor and any embedded heating system in the floor
  • Voltage capacity of the main electrical panel of the building and type of circuit breakers

What are subtle signs that your house needs electrical troubleshooting?

All the electrical systems are pretty much noiseless when they function normal. If you feel that a system may have a problem, following are some clues to look for in the same order as mentioned points above.

  • How old is the house or building? What is the type of wiring? is it Aluminum or Copper wiring?
  • Are you sensing burning smell close to your house’s main electrical wire entry point.? Is there any abnormal sound around it?
  • Are heating and cooling system’s not maintaining heat or cool? Do you hear frequent switching on/off of the furnace or air conditioner?
  • Does your water heater breaker trips too often? Does hot water stops coming after a minute or so when you are in shower? is it repeated too often?
  • Do you have to stop some major appliances in the house or building to run the laundry system? Always? Never? Sometimes?
  • Do you have to stop running one electrical appliance to run another?
  • Are your kitchen’s appliances keep stopping or tripping? Do you use power ironing in house and during use does other appliance’s breaker trip?
  • How about the lighting of the house? Does any light of the house flicker? Is there any flickering when you use a few appliances together?
  • Does your security monitoring system loses power repeatedly?
  • Is your house’s central vacuum system or cooling/heating/sound or entertainment system has too much interference on the screens? Any abnormal sounds? Is emergency lighting system of your house not getting charged? Do you see radio waves on your TV?
  • Is your cable wiring working property? Are your internet modems starting and tripping too often without manual resetting?
  • Are you not getting enough steam in your spa in the house or in the building? Are there any sudden temperature drops in the spa area?
  • Do you have a floor heating system that is not working? Or floor is hot and cold at various sections?
  • Do you know that your main electrical panel’s voltage and current capacity is now less than what you need but you have yet not contacted an electrical professional?

There can be more clues. This is just a list to help you understand that there are many sorts of electrical issues that your house or building can run into. Many electrical clues will lead to the right issues when taken care in-time.

What to do when you have any of these or other electrical trouble signs?

You need a professional electrician to inspect and guide about the issue you are facing. Just give us a call at 780-476-1413 or contact us if you need a quote.