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What do commercial electricians do?

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Electricity is an important resource in multiple commercial establishments. There are industries, factories, construction sites, and other establishments that require a professional to take care of all the electrical requirements.

Commercial electricians are specialised in providing services to commercial properties such as factories and other industrial complexes. The electrician you call to your home has a different set of work altogether – they go door-to-door and fix minor issues. Moreover, there are electrical codes and regulations that one needs to abide by.

Let’s face it: handling electrical projects is a risky affair. You need someone efficient and qualified to take care of all the commercial electrical needs.

The question is – What does a commercial electrician do? In this in-depth article, we will tell you what a commercial electrician does.

Services offered by a Commercial Electrician

A commercial electrician has a variety of tasks on-hand. We have listed their duties below:

1. Checking the Air Handling Units

Industries and factories have a cooling and heating system. How do you ensure that these air handling units are working smoothly? You hire a commercial electrician. The establishment should have a safe working environment, and it should also be comfortable for the workers. A commercial electrician inspects the establishment and changes any filters or components to ensure that the temperature indoors is just right.

2. New Installations and Upgrades

An establishment would always need upgrades and new installations which is why a commercial electrician is required. A professional electrician would help in installing fire detectors, security systems, and other advanced gadgets to keep the establishment safe and secure from intruders.

The occupants within and outside the establishment should be safe. A commercial electrician will ensure that all the new security systems and fire detectors are in place.

3. It’s Time to Upgrade

Commercial electricians are required in an establishment, especially when there are older buildings. The code standards always change from time-to-time. It is important to change the setup of the premises as per the code standards.

A commercial electrician will also know how to cut down energy costs.

4. A Quick Diagnosis and Repair

Factories and industries will always face some or the other electrical issue. When you have a commercial electrician onboard, they conduct diagnoses on a regular basis and repair everything that is faulty in the building.

5. Protecting all devices and appliances

Faulty circuits are scary – they damage the electronic gear in case it is unattended. A commercial electrician will enter the picture and see if the circuits are not giving the wrong amperage.

Commercial electricians check the voltmeters from time to time, so there is not much to worry about.

6. Maintenance of System

Commercial buildings would need updates and upgrades everytime. If you are running an industry or a factory, you have to ensure that your workers are safe. A commercial electrician ensures that the wiring system is not faulty and the commercial establishment is safe.

Industries and factories are always prone to hazards such as fire and sparks. A commercial electrician ensures that wiring is correct and nothing is damaged in the electrical setup.

7. Offers Long-Lasting and Effective Solutions

A commercial electrician does not believe in giving temporary solutions to all the electrical issues. The occupants or the workers of the building indulge in dangerous works. They could get a shock or might experience fire within the premises. These threats can be minimised if there is a commercial electrician onboard.

8. A commercial electrician always uses quality equipment to carry out the tasks

Electrical equipment needs to be advanced. Some electricians come with decent-quality equipment and then there are commercial electricians who have high-quality equipment. Never hire someone who wants to make quick cash. A commercial electrician with experience will always give his best.

9. Professional Advice Regarding Electrical System

A commercial electrician always gives professional advice of what needs to be improved in the premises.

How can you make the industry or factory a safer place for workers? When you offer a safe environment to the workers, you are also getting productivity in return.

Creating a safe space for them is the employer’s duty. And that’s why hiring a commercial electrician is needed. They will ensure that everything is running smoothly and there are no sparks, faulty wiring, or naked wires on the premises.

10. The Perks of Having a Commercial Electrician Onboard

Commercial buildings need to hire a commercial electrician because emergencies and technical glitches can happen at any given point.

Having a commercial electrician onboard makes life simpler for the employer and it also helps in running the establishment smoothly.

Let’s give you a quick example here:

The air conditioning unit is not working. You would call the customer care service of the AC company, but you realise it is not the air-conditioning unit, but the switch which is not working.

Instead of calling the air conditioning company, a commercial electrician should figure out what the issue is. They will first check if the switches are working or not. They are trained to take care of all industrial and factory-related electrical concerns.

Here’s another example to understand the importance of having a commercial electrician onboard.

A general labourer sees sparks in an area. He also notices that the wires are naked and the sparks are coming from there. What do they do? Usually, these sparks can turn into a catastrophe in no time. If you have a commercial electrician onboard, the spark situation will never happen because they diagnose everything to keep the establishment safe.

Even if there is a spark, the commercial electrician will know what to do at that point. If it goes unattended, an emergency situation is waiting to happen.

Hiring a commercial electrician is required because they ensure everything is running smoothly and there are no mishaps.

Concluding Thoughts

Commercial electricians have a tough job. They are dealing with electricity which makes their job extremely dangerous.

If you want to hire an electrician for your industry or factory, ensure that you hire a commercial electrician who has dealt with emergency situations and worked at factories or industries before. They would know how to handle all your electrical requirements because there is a major difference between residential electricians and commercial electricians.

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