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Why my house lights flicker

Why are my house lights flickering?

Why are my house lights flickering? A lot of times our lights flicker and we wonder why our lights are flickering?

Flickering of lights in your house can be very unique event and might not repeat at all. Each time the lights are flickering it can be dangerous too. If the light flickering has become a routine in your ...

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Canadian Electrical Code Changes Main 2018

Top 15 Changes in the Canadian Electrical Code 2018

Top 15 Changes in the Canadian Electrical Code 2018 as compared to Electrical Code of 2015

Canadian Electrical Code is an ever-evolving piece of component for its citizen’s safety and comfort. Following changes are brought into the highlight for the code changes that happened in 2018.

1. Power over Ethernet

2015 Code — No specific requirements

2018 Code — ...

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Tips to save power consumption

10 Tips To Save Electrical Power

10 Tips To Save Electrical Power / Save Money On Electricity Change old light bulbs to new Era bulbs

Old fluorescent and incandescent lamps consume nearly 10 times more electrical power than LED bulbs and have a shorter life span. That means you will pay 8-10 times more for power consumption and 3 to 4 times more for buying ...

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Professional Electrician Edmonton

Why to Invest In Qualified Commercial Electrician?

10 reasons you should invest in a qualified commercial electrician. Older buildings can have complex issues
  1. Your building is more than 25 years old. A structure that old has wiring that is almost guaranteed to be outdated, possibly decaying, and not up to code. A certified electrician will inspect your wiring and let you know what must be done ...
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Regular Electrical Inspection

Importance of Regular Electrical Inspection of Your Home

What is the Importance of Regular Electrical Inspections of Your Home? Electricity is invisible and unforgiving

Electricity is pervasive in our lives. It runs through our walls, powers our lights, charge our gadgets, and, essentially makes it possible to live the way we live. Being so pervasive, it is easy to take for granted that electricity is an everyday ...

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certified Electrician Testing Electrical Circuit

Why Hire a Certified Electrical Professional?

Why Hire a Certified Electrical Professional? Here are some important reasons why should you hire only a certified electrical professional. It is dangerous to try working with electricity without knowing about it

Canadians believe themselves to be handy, it only takes one to screw in a light bulb. But if you’ve ever experienced an electrical shock, then you already ...

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